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Catawba College Emergency Information


In case of an emergency, important information will be provided to our campus community on this page and through CatawbAlerts. This emergency alert notification system, in which you must register to participate, allows each user to register up to two text (cell) numbers, six (off-campus) e-mail addresses and four voice numbers. CatawbAlerts registration and subsequent personal account administration, including updates to the list of notified numbers and e-mail addresses, can be found in Catlink, the Catawba College community portal.

When an emergency occurs on campus — anything from inclement weather to a life-threatening situation — a brief CatawbAlert will promptly be sent to you via the numbers or e-mail addresses you have registered. The CatawbAlert is a condensed summary of an emergency situation; characters are limited due to constraints on the length of text messages.

The college website, its official Facebook page and Twitter all will be utilized to provide more details on the emergency situation after a CatawbAlert is sent.


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  • Operator: 1-800-CATAWBA
  • Counseling & Disabilities Services: (704) 637-4410
  • Dean of Students: (704) 637-4410
  • Dining Services: (704) 637-4410
  • Facilities: (704) 645-4505
  • Health Services: (704) 637-4404
  • Personal & Pastoral Counseling: (704) 637-4446
  • Public Safety: (704) 637-4000
  • Residence Life: (704) 637-4410
  • Student Affairs: (704) 637-4410

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